Avrillon Huet advises, supports and defends media companies (press companies, broadcasting networks) as well as physical and moral persons targeted by information material, specifically in the following areas:

  • Legal proceedings regarding free speech issues, before civil or criminal courts: defamation, abuse, infringement of the presumption of innocence, etc.
  • Notification of illegal content and request for the right of reply and rectification to medias, blogs, and social networks
  • Support to journalists and media companies dealing with supervisory authorities
  • Advice on media governance issues (independence of journalists and editorial teams)
  • Restructuring of media companies

We usually intervene in the wake of controversial publications in the media or on social networks, by defining their legal qualification (defamation, abuse) either to assess the opportunity of seizing justice or to defend the freedom of speech of journalists.

We also support media companies facing bankrupty proceedings, providing assistance to managers, shareholders or to potential buyers in order to help preventing newspapers from going bankrupt.

Last, Avrillon Huet has been taking part to the public debate about freedom of speech, and legal issues arising from the technological developments of the media. Benoit Huet participates to Reporters Without Borders’ Legal Committee. He is also the author of various articles on media law (« La liberté d’expression au défi des fake news », Le Monde, Aug. 25 2017, «Syrie : un nouveau journalisme de guerre », Libération, Sept. 6 2015, «Entreprise solidaire de presse : le modèle Charlie Hebdo, une aubaine pour les journaux ? », Huffington Post, Aug. 21 2015, « Pour la diffusion des débats du Parlement européen à la télévision française », Médiapart, May 23 2014).