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AVRILLON HUET has developed for several years an expertise related to digital platforms.

The firm assists, both as an advisor and regarding litigation matters, companies operating digital platforms or having legal relationships with these digital platforms and individuals dealing with the latter.

AVRILLON HUET’s expertise covers:   

  • Choice of the legal and economic model of the digital platform: E-commerce, marketplace, drop shipping, etc.
  • Creation of the contractual structure necessary to operate the digital platform: terms and conditions of sales, terms and conditions of use, privacy policy, contracts with partners.
  • Disputes resolution between professional merchants and digital platforms (particularly suspensions of products and merchant accounts on Amazon): advice, mediation and litigation
  • Dispute Resolution between professional merchants on a platform (particularly Amazon): unfair competition practices, manipulation of user comments and opinions, referencing (SEO), etc.
  • Advice on the regulation framework applicable to digital platforms
  • Advice on the management of financial flows on digital platforms
  • Advice on the liability of online intermediation service providers and online search engines
  • Disputes relating to the publication of content on digital platforms: denigration, defamation, insult, slander, etc.

Over the past few years, the firm has had the opportunity to participate in the public debate on issues related to these digital platforms (See for example: Alexandre Avrillon’s article on Amazon in Le Monde dated October 2nd 2020, or Benoit Huet’s article on Facebook in Le Monde dated December 18th 2018).

This reflection is nourished by the analysis of French and European regulations but is also inspired by rules that may govern other legal systems, as digital platform law is an integral part of the lectures that Alexandre Avrillon and Benoit Huet give on ESSEC Paris and Singapore campuses.


Paris office

30 avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt
75008 Paris


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Lyon office

20 Boulevard Eugène Deruelle
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