AVRILLON HUET regularly assists its clients (creditors or debtors) in their corporate rescue and insolvency matters.

In particular, the firm assists its clients in the following operations:

  • Declaration of insolvency and summons to initiate restructuring or liquidation proceedings,
  • Assistance to corporate representatives in their relationships with the bodies involved in the insolvency proceedings (liquidator, court-appointed administrator, public prosecutor, etc.),
  • Declaration of claim (filing a proof of claim), application for relief from the effects of expiration of the time for appeal (creditors),
  • Drafting restructuring plan and requests for termination of the plan in case of default
  • Purchasing assets out of bankruptcy (court approval, auction process, etc.),
  • Enforcement of sanctions against representatives for wrongful conduct in case of asset deficiency.

In addition, the firm also advises its clients before the Commercial Court in connection with offers to take over or purchase assets out of bankruptcy (sale plans, court approval, auction process) particularly for medias companies (newspapers, radio, television, digital media).



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