There can be no relevant advice without a clear diagnosis. We thus believe that building trust with our clients is a prerequisite for our missions’ success.

We advise our clients both in their business development projects and when they are dealing with critical issues. Our deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and our close attention to their needs enable us to accompany them during strategic moments in the development of their activities. 

In a world where digital transformation is at the heart of the economy, we strive to articulate the understanding of a world in motion with the rigour and the loyalty to legal professional privilege which has been characterizing lawyers’ conduct for several centuries. 

This adaptability is our identity. By rejecting excessive standardization, we seek to offer our clients an overarching vision to effectively meet their needs, whether they are facing governance issues, dealing with complex litigation orraising funds…


Alexandre Avrillon and Benoit Huet joined forces in 2017 to found the law firm Avrillon Huet. With complementary experience in leading international and French law firms, they wanted to create an independent boutique firm, offering its clients a tailor-made service combining legal rigour and in-depth understanding of economic issues.

Their professional practice is nourished both by the traditional culture of the legal profession, to which they have been trained in complex cases with high strategic and economic stakes, and by a focus on the digital and international economy, which leads them to handle cases either in French or in English.

In addition to their activities as lawyers, Alexandre Avrillon and Benoit Huet teach law in French and in English at Essec Business School (on the Paris and Singapore campuses) and regularly contribute to the publication of articles and books on legal and societal issues. They also provide legal trainings, and act as mediators in disputes.



Avrillon Huet has a partnership with the American law firm Wilson Williams LLC (Washington, New York). This partnership is the result of long-standing ties between the two law firms and enables them to strengthen and complement their expertise and geographical locations to serve their French, American and international clients.

Wilson Williams LLC



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